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Schön! 4—Be Thrilled

Ghosts, spirits and the unknown entice you in. Out of this world springs our cover from Dimitris Theocharis, with an unearthly shoot showcasing the six continents of the world. “The Beyond,” styled by Yannis Kyriazos and photographed by John Mitropoulos, brings the supernatural to life; “Club Roxy,” produced by Erez Tom High, “Girls,” shot by Antonella Arismendi, and a fantastic illustration story from Marco Minervino generate tongue-in-cheek fun.

Schön! 4 introduces the winners of our creative competition with Spectacular Studios to find the freshest photographers, hair stylists and make-up artists, and we present an exclusive spread by photography winner Roy Rossovich, showcasing his crisp and beautifully lit style, which we love.

Prepare yourself for the supernatural sensation of Schön! 4.

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