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Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.
- Leonard Bernstein

Everyone has a song that holds a special place in their hearts. Whether it’s a slow ballad that conjures memories of a relationship, or a fast-paced hit that brings you back to long nights with good friends, songs have a staying power and universality that transcends all other media.

But in the past year, our music has taken on a whole new meaning. As we worked from home, our music became a companion: a way to lift us up when we felt down and make our happy moments even happier.

For our 40th issue of Schön!, we celebrate the melodies and melody-makers who have made our lives richer, fuller and, in a word, better. It is in this spirit that we proudly present Schön! 40, #AllAboutMusic.

In a year filled with oddities, crafting this issue meant returning to something that has become all too familiar — working from afar. We swapped our cafe chats and hours of standing over test prints for endless email chains and late night phone calls, working across time zones to bring together a spectacular series of stories. We cannot wait until we can meet in person again, but even in this darkness, creating Schön! 40 filled us with a sense of love and togetherness that we hope you can feel as you turn the pages of this musical issue.

We begin our deep dive into the world of music with a favourite who spans generations — Ricky Martin. As a multi-platinum performer with plenty of wisdom to share, we are captured not only by Martin’s supreme talent, but his unwavering curiosity; our interview traverses everything from his lockdown reinvention to his new album and his work in immersive audio technology.

From there, we turn to the voices of other musicians shaping popular music today. Saweetie takes us to school with uplifting energy, infectious music and total dominance of social media. Miguel talks to us about learning to be true to one’s self and the journey he underwent to make his music more authentically ‘him’ before giving us a sneak peek at his new BBC streetwear show. Later, Tinashe details the benefits of working with limitations and how one judges success in a multimedia world.

Of course, we are always fascinated by those whose success spans across several fields. Television personality, author, actor, producer and businesswoman Alani ‘La La’ Anthony discusses her path from an internship at Hot 97 to global stardom and how she now uses her position to elevate others. Actor Lorenzo Zurzolo reveals his latest project and recounts how the gift of a guitar and “one beer too many” led to
his first track in a major motion picture. Then, Kendrick Sampson shares how he bridges the worlds of acting and activism both on-screen and off.

Speaking of movers and shakers, we return to our friends at polette, who guide us through their history before revealing their new line of sustainability-minded eyewear. After that, BMW Motorrad helps us regain our freedom to move by taking us out on the open road.

All of this brings us to our cover star, Dove Cameron. Beginning as an actor on the Disney Channel, Cameron has fought numerous hardships to rocket to international success, working in film, on television and as a truly impressive musician. Schön! spoke with her ahead of the release of both her next single and her latest series, a musical comedy set to be released this summer on Apple TV+.

40 issues is a big milestone in the history of Schön!, and to celebrate, we’re debuting #AllAboutMusic with a huge array of digital covers.
Explore all of our digital covers on our website, schonmagazine.com.

In the meantime, until we can meet again, play on.

cover. Ricky Martin by Isaac Anthony
digital release. April 2021
publisher. ©Schön! Magazine
294 pages

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