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Challenges are what make life interesting, and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. - Joshua Marine

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What does it mean to be powerful? To be strong?

When we considered these questions in preparation for this issue, we quickly realised something vital. Though it may initially seem like it, these words are not merely physical attributes. Rather, they’re something deeper – symbolic embodiments of resilience, determination, and the endless possibility of human potential.

With this realisation as our rallying cry, we sought to redefine these terms in the modern consciousness, elevating the stories of those who displayed feats of incredible emotional and physical strength while highlighting those who showcased their own power in any way they could. All of this brought us to today, where we are proud to present Schön! 46: All About Power + Strength.

This energetic issue of Schön! explores the captivating intersection of power and strength in all its forms. From the commanding rhythms of a musician to the contagious energy of a big game win, to the emotional weight of an actor’s performance, we uncover the essence of what it means to harness one’s inner strength and command the power to move hearts and minds.

Every good workout needs a warm-up – and there’s no better group with whom to do that than our eclectic mix of incredible athletes. To kick us off, we hit the streets with Nyjah Huston, who wears Louis Vuitton as he takes us across ramps and rails to share how he’s bringing skateboardingto the world. Still on four wheels, we join longboard legend Marina Correia, wearing pieces from Pandora, to bomb some hills and learn of her path from Cape Verde to France and, eventually, the Olympics.

Speaking of four wheels, from here we head to the racetracks to witness the incalculable quickness of Laura-Marie Geissler and hear her explain how utilising Web 3.0 led to her empowerment on the track. Taking a pit stop, we speak with Paralympian Ezra Frech, who jumps high as he talks Paris 2024, destigmatising disability and his mission to provide adaptable sports experiences for those with disabilities. After all that heat, we need a bit of a cooldown; luckily, Mason Hyce Barnes is here to welcome us into the open ocean and share all things surfing, wearing big-wave ready fashion and eyewear styles from Tommy Hilfiger.

We then turn to those who are bringing power to the screen. German actor Aaron Altaras details how his history connects him to his character in the new series The Zweiflers. Jacob Batalon brings his own strength to other worlds for the second season of his show Reginald the Vampire and the upcoming supernatural horror film Tarot. Juno Temple shares how she discovered a latent athleticism while shooting the most recent season of the critically acclaimed Fargo.

While we’re in high gear, Dafne Keen wears AGL as she reintroduces us to a galaxy far, far away, regaling us with stories of sabre-training and how she landed a starring role in the new Disney+ series Star Wars: The Acolyte. Teresa Palmer explains how she surmounted the pressure of Hollywood to embrace who she is, leading to her acting alongside Ryan Gosling in the upcoming The Fall Guy. In pieces from Cartier, Hannah Herzsprung spills the details about her film 15 Years.

This epic race continues with the trailblazers, those who are crafting their own path across media. Multi-hyphenate talent Sofie Royer, wearing CHANEL, relates how overcoming trauma put her in a league of her own. Manuela Mulliez recounts her gender affirmation and how she’s emancipating herself in every way she can. Rapper Flo Milli beats out the competition as she examines her rise to fame and the 'superpower' that is womanhood.

As we take part in this fantastic display, several impressive partners join us to show off their skills. 080 Barcelona Fashion brings us to the gym for some good, high-fashioned exercise. Christian Louboutin captures our spirit of exploration in an energy-filled journey through Paris. Finally, H&M lets the sea air wash over us as we bask in the beauty of its new Studio Resort Capsule.

After going twelve rounds with our marvellous team, we’re met by our cover star: the incomparable Jilou, who wears Nike as she details how the craft of breaking gives her confidence.

Victory is not a singular event. It is a conclusion come to through defeat, adversity, resilience and redemption. Even in loss, one moves forward – and with Schön! 46, we hope to propel you into the future by reminding you just how special, just how extraordinary, and just how indomitable the human spirit can be.

Your potential is limitless; now, it’s your time to use it.

cover. Teresa Palmer by Benjo Arwas
digital release. April 2024
publisher. ©Schön! Magazine
276 pages

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