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Schön! 6—Taste it!

Gorge yourself on the succulent fruits of our labor. From the obviously beautiful to the curiously bizarre, every page of Schön! 6 has been constructed to induce escapism. Among the dizzyingly delectable visual treats, we are graced with the boyish charisma of Callum Wilson, the sizzling sensuality of Catrinel Menghia, and the enviable presence of Andre Ziehe. We also pay tribute to the beautiful style icon Grace Kelly, taking a look at how she is still inspiring designers decades after her death.

We proudly present the sharpest in visual art and celebrate the exceptional by profiling legendary contemporary artist Robert Longo. Issue 6 is seasoned with work from Dimitris Theocharis, Fulvio Maiani, Quentin Shih, and Jannis Tsipoulanis, to name a few of the talented contributors serving up this issue.

So salivate no longer, because Schön! 6 is here to satiate your appetite.

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