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Schön! 8—Just a Dream?

A spirit of rebellion permeates throughout Issue 8, demanding the disregard of reality in favor of something explosive, sensual, and alive. Our world of fantasy kicks off with Michael Kutsche’s Wonderland illustrations, then embraces dark theatrics from photographer Paco Peregrin, and a gothic retelling of fairytale shot by Rui Aguir.

A more familiar fantasy arrives in the form of Jannis Tsipoulanis’ beguiling lingerie shoot. We discover the personalities behind the art in a series of incisive interviews with creatives who usually work behind the camera. With an outstanding line-up that includes Brad Elterman, Jannis Tsipoulanis, Dimitris Theocharis, McBess and the fruits of Wolfgang Joop’s Wunderkind label, every turn of the page or click of the button promises a new indulgence.

You may think it was all just a dream.

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